About project

Our project aims to combine the importance of sports, the knowledge and appreciation of the+ arts and a healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on healthy eating.  We will go through different activities to manage our goals of promoting healthy life style, attaining from our partners new ways of learning about how we spend our free time in a meaningful way and widening our horizons. We will start with understanding where we all are as individual countries at the beginning of our two year cooperation and then evaluate the similarities and differences after two years. The precise mixture of academic learning, practical training, artistic experience and final Olympic Games in Greece has brought us to our project name Healthy Learning, Healt


The choice of topic for our project has been considered very carefully. Each country involved has confirmed its interested in without the need to consider their location whether it be city, town or village.

Nowadays as people’s lifestyles become more and more passive and food products are processed and contain less nutritional value, it is crucial to consciously choose a healthy lifestyle. This awareness is what most European countries have in common. Each country however, has its own way of promoting sport, physical exercise and has a particular idea for a healthy diet.

Our aim is to become familiar with the variety of solutions used in the countries participating in the project and to decide on common and best ideas. We want to instill into young people the need to spend free time actively and the importance of the choices they make in the way they feed themselves.

Sport and its benefits should be taught early. Throughout childhood and adolescence, sport positively influences the physical and social development of a child. It promotes social rules that benefits community life.

We are concerned that teenagers nowadays do not spend their free time actively and positively. Physical exercise is not particularly popular amongst young people in many of our countries. Fewer and fewer children take part in after-school sport clubs. The most popular way of spending spare time is watching television, playing on a computer or surfing the net. According to the developmental tests performed in our schools, defects like curvature of the spine, protruding shoulder blades, obesity, sight defects occur more regularly.

Sport promotes a desired behaviour; it shapes character and improves the holistic condition of a person. By practising sport we introduce a lot of important values: tolerance, team spirit, a sense of justice and strength of character. That is why sport is crucial in bringing up children. Fitness enables people to take part in games and play, which brings not only health benefits but also joy and entertainment. Defeating one's weakness improves self-confidence.

Our goal is to arouse students’ interest in their fitness, shape and consolidate habits of systematic improving and controlling their condition. We will familiarize children with positive images of spending free time and try to develop children’s attitude and independence. We want to give them an opportunity to plan, choose and take part in sports activities and to instill the rules of ‘fair play’. We believe that our actions will help to shape conscious decisions within our children.

It is important for us to create the necessary conditions to develop students’ sporting interests, take them seriously and to ensure that sport and diet are as important as gaining knowledge. They will then understand that their lifestyle may have an impact on their future.

Our aim is to find common solutions related to healthy lifestyle and to prevent current common behaviour. We hope that our students’ knowledge will be increased by new information about healthy meals, ways of preparing them and actively spending free time in our partners’ countries.

The project should also raise awareness for a healthy lifestyle amongst the school community (students, parents and teachers).

All the products of the project will be presented on a website promoting healthy lifestyle. This will be created through the co-operation of the project schools from different European countries. The website will include multimedia presentations and a film depicting the results of our work and “making-of” documentaries.

The website will then be produced jointly during visits to each of the participating schools but also during normal school activities.

Moreover, there will be a forum on our home page for further cooperation between partner countries. This will provide a platform for ongoing communication between the schools.