Friday, May 16, 2014

hi children!!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

hello children!!!!
we are italian children, we are ten  and we are in the fourth class.

We live in Castelcovati, near Brescia and Milano, in the North of Italy
With some of you, we are met there last year..... Do you remember us?
How are you? We are very well...
Would you like to write with us about our/your favourite things and daily routine?

We like:
play football
play volleyball
play rugby
to dance
to swim
and play with our friends

our favourite food is:
sandwich, pizza, pasta, chips,  meat and cream, cake, chocolate and fruit and vegetables too!!!

In the morning we get up at 7 o'clock, we have breakfast at 07:30 and we go to school.

School lessons start at 08.15 and finish at 04:15 in the afternoon.

At home we play videogames, we wath TV, we play with our friends or we do our  homework!!!

In the evening, we have dinner with our family, then we listen music in our bedroom or read books.

We go to bed at 10 o'clock.....

And you? What about you?

Write us soon...


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rugby Tag - very exciting game in Paszkówka (Poland)

Within the framework of Comenius project our pupils got to know rules of sports new disciplines. We have started to play the game „Rugby Tag”, which principles are a little bit different from the original game of the Rugby.The object of the game is to score a try by placing the ball with a downward pressure on or behind the opponents' goal-line. The ball can only be passed sideways or backwards through the air, not handed to another player. If the ball is handed to another player or passed or knocked forwards (towards the opponents' goal-line) then a free pass is awarded to the non-offending side, unless advantage occurs.

In order to keep the game flowing, referees should play advantage wherever possible. All players wear a tag belt around their waist with two tags attached to it by Velcro positioned over each hip. Tag belts are to be securely fastened and any excess belt is to be tucked away so that this cannot be pulled by mistake. Tag belts are to be worn outside of shirts and not obscured in any way. Referees are to be watchful for tags being wrapped around the belt preventing them from being pulled off. The only contact allowed between the two teams is the removal of a tag from the belt of the ball carrier. Any other type of contact on the ball carrier, such as shirt pulling, running in front of or barging the ball carrier, forcing the ball carrier into touch, etc must be penalised with a free pass and the players reminded of the rules.
The game of TAG Rugby should be enjoyed by all involved. Tag Rugby is a fun and exciting game that both male and female players of all ages and ability can enjoy

Rugby in Poland

Thursday, November 8, 2012

greetings from Italy

We just wanted to congratulate you and your boys.

 For all countries
Greetings from Italy
Antonella and Simonetta

(Sorry for the intrusion but I could not resist to try your blog. After reading this post deleted.)