Greece, Edessa

Sweden, Tomelilla


Spain, VIGO

Turkey, Izmir
Wales, Llandudno

Czech rep., Kolin
Preparatory visit
Poland, Paszkówka

Slovakia, Bratislava
Project meeting

COMENIUS  project 15-21/10/2012
 Programme for teachers

Saturday 13.10.
Sunday 14.10.
Monday 15/10
Tuesday 16. 10
Wednesday 17. 10.
Thursday 18. 10.
Friday 19. 10.
20. 10.
Arrival of the friends of England /11,15 Airport BA/

In the morning – visiting of old city

Cruises by sightseeing boat

Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, Čunovo
return ticket € 10,00 – adult
Free entry to the Danubiana Muelensteen Art Museum with a boat ticket.
 Arrival of the participants
Departure for  guided tour to the old city Bratislava,
Meeting point
Hotel Baronka
9,00 Departure for SPORTHAUS
Meeting point
Hotel Baronka
 9.00 Departure for Meeting at workshops for practical learning  
Meeting point Hotel Baronka
Departure for  guided tour to Viena by bus
Departure for  cave Driny
Meeting point Hotel Baronka
In the afternoon Visiting of Devin   castle

 9.30 -10,45Arrival in  the old city and guided tour to the old city - St. Martin´s Cathedral, Panska street, Venturska street, Michael's Gate, Zamočnicka street, Franciscan Church and Monastery,Primatial Palac

For women: joga
For men: strongman
For children: bootcamp
11,00-12,00 bodywork for all – we invite you
9,30 – 12,00
Visiting of workshops for practical learning, exhibition of slovak student´s works; creative workshops; students and teachers will dev ided into groups and will produce some products of wood and  gypsum, refreshments - Slovak dishes – we invite you
 10,00 – 11,00
11,00-12,00 Welcoming by  the Mayor of Bratislava Milan Ftáčnik in Primatial Palace in Hall of Mirrors and Gallerie


12,30-13,30 lunch
(at your own expenses)
After guided tour we can take swedish friends to Airport Schwechat (flight 17,20)
 12,00 lunch in typical Slovak cellar in Pezinok, excellent lunch – slovak food, tasting of the best Slovak wine,
England and Italy – trip to Viena by boat

12,00-13,30 Old Town Hall, The Main Square, Cumil, Hviezdoslav square, Stur square, Eurovea

14,00 – 18,30 Meeting at school
project work at school 
13,30 -15,30 Visiting of Devin castle
Tickets: students: 1,50 €
Teacher with ITIC – 1,50
Teacher without ITIC 3,00 €
 13.30 – 15,00
visiting of ceramic workshop

13,30  – 16,30 free program  for lunch and shoping (at your own expenses)

Fencing performance of our students
15,00 – later lunch at your own costs -
16,00 – Departures to hotel Baronka (or you can stay in old city)
Departure to Bratislava
16,30 – 18,00 Visiting of Bratislava castle


Visiting of  school, presentation of schools, presentation of countries, creating of posters by students,
Small refreshments – we invite you
17,15 – departure from hotel Baronka to Slovak pub by tram number 5
(it takes 22 min)
from Detvianska to Vysoka
Welcome dinner for teachers and students in Restaurant Parlamentka near Bratislava castle with Slovak folk evening – we invite you
presentation of common project´s website, choice of logo, tasks for next project meeting, Comenius book, specification of teachers and students mobilities,  discussion
Dinner at a restaurant in Bratislava for teachers – Slovak pub (at their own expenses)
Individual programm
Individual programm
18.30 departure to bowling – Aupark, dinner (at your own expenses)
21,00 Transfer to hotel by bus
21,00 Transfer to hotel by bus
Transfer from Slovak pub by tram number 5
from Vysoka to Detvianska
During project meeting we will travel by common bus – you don´t pay for bus.
But if you travel by taxi or by public transport – it is at your own expenses.
60-minute ticket for traveling by public transport – 0,90 €
During the project meeting will be making guide and assist us at various excursions / old city, Vienna / our longtime colleague Mladen. For his services you dont pay nothing
Phone numbers:
+421 904 805 852
Zita:+421 905 410 484